We have a good stock of incense cedars available in 1, 5 and 15 gallons:

Incense Cedars Incense Cedars


Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs and we have a full inventory for your garden.

Abelia has Lovely
flowers in late summer
Buddlia Attracts butterflies - late
summer to fall bloom
Hollyhock - late summer bloom
Our flowering shrubs are a delight in the garden - and many attract butterflies and hummingburds.

Visit the nursery to see these and many other shrubs.


Wheeler's Honeysuckle
- Red flowers in late
Decorative form of oregano
Ribes - a local native
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(strawberry tree)
Desert Willow
Desert Willow - late summer bloom
Fremontia - Calif. native with yellow blooms in late summer
Trees form the structure of your landscaping.
Pomegranate - A small decorative fruiting tree
Decorative redflowering tree
Desert Willow- late summer bloom
We have rows of trees and shrubs from which to choose!.
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Have you used edible plants in your landscape? We still have several for you to try.

RaspberriesDelicious Raspberries Thornless Blackberries
Thornless Blackberries - Yummy!

The berries bloom in late August and we carry several varieties. We also have many grape vines ready to plant out.

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Apple Trees
Pear Trees
Pear Trees
Our fruit trees bear delicious fruit.

Visit Guatay Mountain Nursery to find California native plants including many native to San Diego county.

I search out native and drought resistant plants for Southern California gardeners.

If I don't carry a plant that you want to try, I will try to find it. Many local native species are planted in this back-country nursery borders and I have them for sale, too.

I offer design consulting services, too.

I make plant recommendations and placement suggestions to homeowners in the mountain areas of San Diego county. You tell me the look you are trying to create and I will set up a selection here at the nursery for you to preview.

Ask me about the best native or xeric (drought resistant) plants for your area. I look for cold hardy and drought tolerant natives that can withstand our local strong Santa Ana winds and arid conditions.


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